The 71-year-old keyboardist returned to the band last year, 16 years after leaving, and now the drummer, Mick, has described having the band’s most well-known line-up back together as being like a ”lovely fairytale”.

He said: ”We’re enjoying what we’re doing and of course it’s unbelievably great to have Chris back, you know. Well it felt like a full circle. It’s brilliant, and the lovely fairytale is that she really came back and we don’t really stop until December 2015. We get a little break after this tour.

”It’s more magical and appropriate than you could ever think and imagine for us.”


The 67-year-old musician was speaking at Isle of Wight Festival, which they flew into in a large helicopter after making a deal with the event’s organiser John Giddings to secure the ”biggest helicopter” in the festival’s history, which made him remember how far they have come as a band.

Talking to Absolute Radio’s Sarah Champion at the Isle of Wight Festival, he explained: ”There was about 18 people in it and it freaked me out that so many people could be in a helicopter. It was actually like a reminder of when Fleetwood Mac first started to really get off the ground, so to speak, in a big way. We didn’t really realise what had happened to us in the United States after the advent of ‘Rumours’ and we were helicoptering in which was our first time that we’d ever done that, to a festival in Texas. It was at that moment out of a helicopter, like the Isle of Wight that you look down and you think to yourself, ‘Wow that’s a lot of people’.

”So all these years later to be in a helicopter and coming in and seeing a cartload of people is super gratifying and inspiring.”

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