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Mick Fleetwood on his band’s story: ‘You couldn’t invent what we went through’

One thing that separates Fleetwood Mac from other bands of your generation is the history of all the inner-band drama. I think you have a rock-star mystique that most bands couldn’t match then, and even fewer can match now. The songs have held up well, but I think your younger fans dig the stories, and […]

Newsweek – “Breaking the Silence: Fleetwood Mac is Back Intact”

Fleetwood Mac is back. Forty-plus years later this band lives up to the hype: Lindsey Buckingham on the lip of the stage, coaxing his cherry-red guitar into a wail; Stevie Nicks next to him, close but far away, shrouded in billowy black. On her right, Christine McVie the group’s secret songbird, holds court over her […]


The Canadian Press caught up with Mick Fleetwood in Toronto to talk about the new Fleetwood Mac material. The legendary band are back in the studio, and Mick described the production as “profound”, with Christine McVie’s return falling back into place with ease. Story via The Toronto Star