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Fleetwood Mac show in Lincoln ends early due to Mick’s illness

“Last night’s Fleetwood Mac show in Lincoln, Nebraska ended a few songs early when the band’s founder and drummer Mick Fleetwood became ill with the stomach flu. At this time, the band is still scheduled to perform in Grand Rapids, MI on Tuesday.”

FORBES: Fleetwood Mac Leads Top Tours Of 2015 On Secondary Market

2014 is now just a fleeting memory, overthrown by the calendar’s flip into the New Year. While pop music continues to grow and birth younger, edgier artists, historic rock outfit Fleetwood Mac has done its best to thwart Father Time following a monumental year. After posting the top-priced music tour of 2014 with the On […]

Mick Fleetwood at the Ann Jackson Gallery in Roswell

Mick Fleetwood, founding member and drummer of Fleetwood Mac, took time off from the band’s touring schedule on Tuesday evening to talk a little about the other artistic passion in his life, his photography. Fleetwood was exhibiting some of his photography at the Ann Jackson Gallery in Roswell, Georgia and a small crowd was treated […]