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Mick Fleetwood on his band’s story: ‘You couldn’t invent what we went through’

One thing that separates Fleetwood Mac from other bands of your generation is the history of all the inner-band drama. I think you have a rock-star mystique that most bands couldn’t match then, and even fewer can match now. The songs have held up well, but I think your younger fans dig the stories, and […]

Newsweek – “Breaking the Silence: Fleetwood Mac is Back Intact”

Fleetwood Mac is back. Forty-plus years later this band lives up to the hype: Lindsey Buckingham on the lip of the stage, coaxing his cherry-red guitar into a wail; Stevie Nicks next to him, close but far away, shrouded in billowy black. On her right, Christine McVie the group’s secret songbird, holds court over her […]