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Rare footage of Mick Fleetwood @ the Cotton Bowl in 1978

This video from the Jim Ruddy Collection shows footage of the production team and road crew preparing the stage at the Cotton Bowl for the July 23, 1978 Fleetwood Mac and Steve Miller concert on their 1978 American Tour. The bulk of the video is an interview of Mick Fleetwood, a founding member and the […]

CBC INTERVIEW: Mick Fleetwood’s life as the backbone of Fleetwood Mac

When it comes to rock n’ roll, everybody pays attention to the singer, and guitarists are worshipped for their face-melting solos. But the drums — the drums are the backbone of the music. And if there has ever been a drummer that has been the backbone of his band, it’s Mick Fleetwood. As co-founder of […]

Fleetwood Mac show in Lincoln ends early due to Mick’s illness

“Last night’s Fleetwood Mac show in Lincoln, Nebraska ended a few songs early when the band’s founder and drummer Mick Fleetwood became ill with the stomach flu. At this time, the band is still scheduled to perform in Grand Rapids, MI on Tuesday.”