Whilst the band is busy playing dates all over the world with their ‘On With The Show’ tour, Mick Fleetwood has revealed that the vintage rockers have enough new music for a new album, saying they have a ‘a sh*tload of new songs.’

Mick Fleetwood, nearing his 68th birthday, has admitted himself that sometimes he has to make sure to look after himself, especially on tour. “I’m like an old race horse … it’s not like I’m ancient ancient, but these things are sort of worn out a bit,’ adding ‘I’ve got a deep-freeze in my room in order to do what I’m doing.”

But Fleetwood, just as he’s appears eager for an new Fleetwood album, is perfectly happy in himself and with the band.

“I’m not letting up any. I’m playing harder than I ever played, apparently.”

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