“CHRISTINE MCVIE, JOHN, MYSELF and Lindsey Buckingham went into the studio about eight months ago,” Mick Fleetwood tells Dave DiMartino in the new issue of MOJO.

“We cut a whole lot of songs, about 10 or 11 things. The vision is that we want a body of work to come out. I really hope, and I will be so bold as to say that there will be another lovely album from this band, and there’s some unbelievably fresh, lovely stuff that people are going to enjoy, and that’s my hope – that by, certainly the end of 2015, that will be my dream.”

In a wide-ranging, funny, self-deprecating and often emotional interview Fleetwood discussed the past and future of the band he has helmed for nearly 50 years, moving from his eternal debt to the band’s formative guitarist, Peter Green (“Oh, I thank Peter every morning”) to his hopes for the future, and the end of Fleetwood Mac.

“We could do the new album ourselves or with Warners,” he says, “but have to. We’ve got so much great stuff. That whole two months in the studio, realigning, really connecting with something that was should never have stopped. So that was gorgeous. Chris came into the rehearsals so alive and with such confidence, it was all fantastic.”

Discussing the absence of Stevie Nicks from the sessions Fleetwood explained that “Stevie was doing her [own] album, and in truth, I’m actually glad that she wasn’t there. Because the band learned to play again and when we cut her shit, she’s going to get the best bang for her buck. We will be a well-oiled machine.”

In conclusion, Fleetwood said: “Look at where we are right now. It’s sort of magically being given back. I don’t want to be maudlin [but] Fleetwood Mac, we’re here for maybe five years [more] or whatever. We’re able as a band to get our house in order before the book is closed.”

Story via Mojo4Muisc