One thing that separates Fleetwood Mac from other bands of your generation is the history of all the inner-band drama. I think you have a rock-star mystique that most bands couldn’t match then, and even fewer can match now. The songs have held up well, but I think your younger fans dig the stories, and perhaps crave that kind of context to the music. Do you agree? It’s meaningful. We were a bit green behind the ears back then. But it’s turned out to be a good document. I’m personally glad we were open about all the shenanigans we got up to, and the dysfunctionality. It may have been a little naive, but it was honest. You couldn’t invent what we went through. I think it resonated, and still resonates, increasingly so. Can you talk about the relationship with your fans, particularly the ones who have been with you since the seventies? It’s a life study. It’s music as a backdrop. The audience, emotionally, is telling its own story, because it’s gone on so long. The real nucleus that’s taken the journey with us is sitting there having a personal exchange on their own. It was nothing to do with the music. It has to do with being triggered about their lives. Their sadnesses, their joys – it’s all there in the audience. Which is hugely different than 40 years ago. It’s massive. It’s truly performance art, and I’m realizing that more and more. And I’m really realizing it with the advent of Christine McVie coming back. She’s the story of the tour, really. How has she been received? People are literally weeping with joy. When she opens up that voice and sings for the first time with us in 17 years, the place erupts – in a way we haven’t seen. It’s so passionate. They love the songs. It’s Christine and this crazy band. They can’t believe that Fleetwood Mac is all up there together. About your photography, you’ve said that it’s not about documentation, but that the camera is more of an instrument to express yourself. Can we say that your exhibitions are your solo albums? Yeah. I think that’s well put. With Fleetwood Mac, I was never the one who wrote or sang the songs. By nature, being in a rhythm section, you’re in a support team. But with my photography, my nuts are on the line. Mind you, it’s always been something I did for fun, first and foremost. I just like doing it. It’s like someone asking me why I started playing the drums. To make millions of dollars and to jump in bed with girls? No, I just like playing drums. Can we talk about the millions of dollars and the girls, though? You know, people have told me that. About why they picked up a guitar. But that wasn’t me. And I don’t think it’s anyone in this band. It was because we love what we do. Story via The Globe And Mail