Don’t stop believin’! It’s a state of mind for classic rockers who tour on the basis of nostalgia. Every summer, they flock to amphitheaters, arenas, state fairs, and casinos to relive their glory days—and show that they still (sorta) got it. Some do, but for every Springsteen and McCartney, there are bad hats, bad dye jobs underneath said hats, and cash-fueled desperation. Who’s aging gracefully while still refusing to retire?! Here is every classic rock act still on tour right this very minute

GQ Magazine listed 60 classic rockers that are still banging it out on tour.  Low and behold, Fleetwood Mac is on the list.  For the complete list, click HERE

#1 Fleetwood Mac

Median Age: 67

After more than a decade spent going her own way, Christine McVie will rejoin Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and her ex-husband, John McVie, for the Mac’s ongoing reunion tours starting this September. The group’s other pair of exes, Nicks and Buckingham, continues to fight over the diva position in the group; Stevie’s got the witch game on lock, surpassing Lindsey’s constant (and baffling) inclusion in SNL’s “What Up With That” sketch in a leather blazer.